The Family

The Abdo family has been responsible for a number of brands and entrepreneurial ventures over the years and Abdo Markethouse has been a supporter of, and investor in, many of them.  The Abdo family brands include …


My Burger

Started in 2007 as a small burger restaurant in Abdo Markethouse’s 6Quebec development, My Burger has grown to five locations throughout the Twin Cities.  President & CEO John Abdo helms the growing restaurant chain that hopes to have 20 locations by 2023.

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Dalton & Wade

Country-style home cooking, smoked meats that fall off the bone, and the sides you grew up eating at Grandma’s dinner table. Oh, and lots and lots of whiskey – more than 200 bottles line the shelves, making Dalton & Wade the destination for those in search of a good meal and a good time.

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From 2014 to 2017,